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Clearing and Grubbing

At Husky Construction, we handle all your clearing and grubbing needs. Whether it be 1 tree or 100; or brush clearing and grubbing, our crew can handle it. We utilize the right equipment to complete any job and keep the project on schedule. Our services include:

  • Tree clearing

  • Brush clearing and grubbing

Stormwater Inspection

We will monitor your job-site to make sure it stays in compliance with the MPCA, as well as the project SWPPP. While monitoring the job-site, we complete the weekly inspections, as well as per-event inspections.

Erosion control / Seeding

Our certified erosion control installers can handle all your erosion control and restoration needs. Through continued research and training, we make sure that all parties  are informed and protected. Our services include:

  • Silt fence installation and removal

  • Bio-log installation and removal

  • Hydro-seeding

  • Sod

Pump watch

We will man the pump 24/7 during your temporary conveyance pumping duration. Our crew will monitor the pump, trouble shoot any issues that arise and keep the contractor posted of any potential issues.

Project Documentation

As projects grow larger and more complex, we aim to limit the contractor's exposure through detailed pre-existing photos of site conditions. Using professional grade cameras that feature GPS encoding, as well as time and date stamping features we have found that we are able to give you the tools you need to fight off any claims or questions that may arise during the construction process.
Once the project is completed, we compile post-project photos to document the site conditions after the project.

We also offer weekly jobsite photos to document the progress of construction that can be used to show engineers or project owners in the event your company is facing liquidated damages. Not only do we take the progress photos, but we document the weather conditions and any other delays the project had incurred.

Vibration and noise monitoring
Vibration Monitoring.jpg

In an effort to fully protect the contractors we work with, we now offer vibration and noise monitoring services. This service offers protection from litigation by properly documenting the conditions onsite through unambiguous records.

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